The complexity of modern day fleet operation has given rise to the need to incorporate innovative ways to manage all aspects of fleet logistics. A fleet vehicle maintenance system is part of the central core operations of any company that is faced with the challenge of running and maintaining a high volume of vehicles.

Caring for fleet vehicles in a systematic and regular manner minimizes the chance that breakdowns will occur. Vehicles that breakdown not only contribute to vehicle upkeep, they hamper a companies operations. The opportunity cost of lost business is an expense that far exceeds the cost of implementing and monitoring a regular vehicle maintenance system.

Why implement a vehicle maintenance system?

A fleet maintenance system not only keeps a car in good working condition, it preserves the life cycle of the vehicle and guarantees a higher resale value at the end of the vehicles life. Buying the most reliable and dependable car is part of good fleet management. This does not, however, mean that you can neglect regular maintenance during the life time operation of the vehicle.

Fleet operations necessitate that a diverse range of company personnel will have access to the vehicle. Different driving habits and conditions contribute to the wear and tear of the vehicle. Because the vehicle is not owned by the driver, company personnel do not always extend duty of care to the same extent they would if it was owned by them.

For the simple reason of protecting the vehicle and to achieve the predefined objectives, the fleet providers follow an effective vehicle maintenance system.

What actually is a Vehicle maintenance system?

A fleet vehicle maintenance system can be described as a system which involves taking the steps deemed fit for securing and increasing the life of the fleet vehicles. This may involve the selection of vehicles, ascertaining the need for regular maintenance and regular review and upgrades to vehicle equipment.

The various tasks covered by a vehicle maintenance system are:

* To ensure that the vehicle is in a sound working condition, at all times.

* To ensure that regular servicing and maintenance is done to keep the fleet vehicle in a good condition.

* To make detailed plans containing instructions for the usage of the vehicles.

* To find out the reasons for frequent breakdowns and repairs, if any, and finding corrective and timely solutions.

* To ensure that the vehicle is utilized to its full extent without incurring any damage

The benefits of a vehicle maintenance system are:

1. An effectively planned and executed vehicle maintenance system can increase business efficiency.

2. It also results in raising the standards of productivity, reliability and accuracy.

3. It also raises the levels of customer satisfaction.

4. It brings synchronization of business efforts towards the common business objective of maximizing profits.

An effective vehicle maintenance schedule not only preserves the value of the car, it minimizes downtime and maximizes the value of contribution to a companies bottom line.

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